In parallel with online inventory merchandising, OnSight’s exclusive on-lot inventory merchandising system aids customers in the car shopping process at the final and most important stage - the dealership visit. The OnSight system helps dealers bridge the gap between the online and on-lot shopping experience by creating a cohesive dealership environment that is easy for customers to navigate and enjoyable to shop.

"New and Used Car Buyers indicated that the Internet was the primary source that led them to the dealership where they bought a car... Nevertheless, a good customer experience at the dealership is also a key component in attracting repeat and referral business."



RL Polk / AutoTrader

Automotive Buyer Influence Study

"There are no 'virtual' shoppers. There are just shoppers. Online and offline exist in one single experience, which is why we talk so much about connecting the dots from screens to lots."

..."When it comes to influencing the purchase decision, online influences are second only to the experience consumers have in the dealership."



Consumer Journey e-Book

"The huge impact that the internet now has on the car shopping process is obvious. So, it only makes sense to do all we can to replicate that experience for customers when they visit our dealership. It's valuable to them in the shopping process which makes it valuable to us in the selling process."


GM - Hendrick Automotive

Charlotte, North Carolina

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