Frequently Asked Questions


1. Our focus is on the internet. Why should we consider OnSight?


It only makes sense to focus attention on the internet - that's where people are now spending most of their time in the car shopping process. That said, while it’s clear that people are shopping online for vehicles, it's also clear that they don't actually buy there. They buy at DEALERSHIPS. The internet allows people to easily obtain the information they need to compare vehicles, prices, options, and dealership offerings – in a setting that is self-directed, where they feel unintimidated and in control. OnSight helps dealers create a similar shopping environment on the dealership lot. We believe that the dealership experience is THE key to the sale, and we work with you to optimize that experience for your customers.


2. We already have stuff on our cars. What makes OnSight different?


It's important to first note that OnSight is not just another product vendor, graphics supplier, or sign shop. If that's what you were thinking, it's okay, we understand. It's a common misconception, actually. The difference is that OnSight provides a one-of-a-kind, on-lot inventory merchandising system that is strategically focused on your customer, their dealership experience, and their ability to easily shop and gather information. Further, from automated vehicle data integration to interactive mobile connectivity, we help dealers bring the power of current and emerging technologies to the dealership lot. Signs, stickers, and promotional products, in and of themselves, can't do any of that.


3. We don't put anything on our cars. Why should we change?


Given the limited options available to this point, who can blame you? They are typically unprofessional, often detract from your dealership's image, and usually aren't all that relevant or helpful to your customers. Here's the thing: With the prominent role the internet now plays in the car shopping process and the resulting disparity that exists between the online and on-lot shopping experience, it is becoming increasingly necessary for dealers to provide shopping tools on the lot that, like on the internet, make that all-important shopping experience at the dealership easier, less intimidating, and more efficient for the customer.


4. We already sell a lot of cars. Why do we need OnSight?


As strange as it may sound, our focus is not actually on helping you sell more cars. It's on helping your customers buy cars and, more importantly, their experience in the process. Industry studies continue to show that a customer's experience is a determining factor with regard to whether or not they return for service, speak positively about their experience to their friends, or purchase another vehicle from you in the future. In other words, OnSight is not just valuable to your customer during the shopping process, it's valuable to your dealership for the lifetime of that customer. 


5. Okay, you've got my attention. How much is it?


One of the unique things about the OnSight system is that it's custom tailored for your individual dealership. The investment, therefore, is flexible, affordable, and entirely up to you. For most dealers, the investment typically ends up ranging between just 3% and 5% of their marketing budget – a great value given the huge influence the shopping experience can have on a customer's decision as to whether or not they buy from a particular dealership.


6. I like it but we don't have room in the budget. How would we fit this in?


It's rare that we speak with a dealer who does have room in the budget and most dealers do not add to their budget to include OnSight. They typically just make a few minor adjustments in other areas of their marketing - maybe scaling back on or possibly cutting something they're currently doing that they're not too crazy about, for example. Another option is to simply “pack” a cost per unit sold onto their inventory – an option that, as we understand it, doesn't even touch the budget.


7. We don't sign term contracts. Do you require a term commitment?


Our position is that dealers should do business with Onsight because they want to, not because they are forced to for some set period of time. It's for this reason, and because we're confident you'll see long term value in the OnSight system, that we do not require term contracts. All we require is your authorization to provide service, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason.


8. Looks pretty sophisticated. How easy is it to integrate into operations?


Yes, the OnSight system, being entirely technology driven, is pretty sophisticated. It's this sophistication, however, that makes it very easy for dealers to integrate. Simply put, if it doesn't work operationally for you, then it doesn't work for us.


9. If we decided to move forward, what is the lead time to get started?


While our setup processes are very streamlined and easy for dealers, we're normally looking at about 2-3 weeks to get things completely up and running. 


10. I'd like to learn more. What's the next step?


The next step would be to contact us to schedule a quick 15-20 minute system demo. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you check out our feature segment on the Today In America show - hosted by Terry Bradshaw. Also, be sure to take a look at our recent White Paper – “Consumer Shopping Behavior In The Auto Industry”.